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About the Office

Nathan Baraness / Office is a Paris-based French studio, specialized in furniture, interior design and decorative art.

After graduating from ECAL (École cantonale d'art de Lausanne) and learning from his experiences in Lausanne, Milan and Paris, Nathan have learnt to sharpen his look and have developed a personal approach to design and interior.

Nathan's driving force is curiosity. Through the space and objects that surround him, the various antiques he collects, the different materials and know-how from craftsmans he admire or simply throught the films he loved, Nathan create his own formal language.​

Quite raw and minimalist, the studio identity leaves a lot of space for materials, whether they are precious or very industrial. Always with an eye for detail and while combining elegance and timeless lines, Nathan strives to create refined, but unpretentious, delicate shapes.




- 2022, Archiproducts Design Awards, Winner (decor)
- 2021,
 Bolia Design Awards, Winner (sustainability prize)
- 2020, Bolia Design Awards, Finalist
- 2019, Cinna Design Award, Winner (2nd prize)

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