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Side Tables


Created for the Bolia Design Awards 2021, the Dune side tables won the sustainability prize of the danish contest.
With this project, we wanted to go back to the essential, to nature, to simplicity. Our objects are therefore made of a single material: earth. There is nothing more natural, more raw and more simple. We have therefore created a collection of tables that use two different processes: rammed earth, and terracotta.



© Images by Nathan Baraness & Maryna Dague

These ancestral techniques are as eco-friendly as they are sustainable. They generate almost no waste, use local materials and require no polluting components. The rammed earth craftsmanship/know-how also has aesthetic qualities : it is fascinating and its irregular strata seem to speak about the richness/prosperity of the earth. This technique allows each table to be unique by its rhythm, its tones and its composition.

The terracotta offers an inimitable color that takes on a magnificent patina over time. With these processes, we worked on very raw, sculptural forms in order to highlight the natural beauty of the material. We wanted to preserve an aesthetic that refers to the ancient/antique while being very contemporary.

These objects, decorative and functional, tend to bring nature back to the center of our interiors, in its purest and simplest form.

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