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Agave (ancient greek ἀγαυή / agauê : admirable)

This project go back to the essential, to nature, to simplicity. These three words are the first to come to mind when we think about Scandinavian design. Our objects are thus made of two materials : oak wood and sisal fiber. Two authentic, raw and rustic materials.

Agave was finalist of the Bolia Design Awards (Danish).



© Images by Nathan Baraness & Maryna Dague

We took interest in vegetal fibers. They are, in our opinion, an iconic element of Scandinavian design history throughout which they were used, thanks to braiding or weaving. At the same time, vegetal fibers are a natural and pure material, as close as can be to the essential. Just like wood, fibers are directly extracted from a plant, they aren’t modified. We use them for what they are and what they have to offer. There is, in this sense, something simple and honest about them.

What’s more, sisal fiber has many ecological qualities. It is extracted from Agave, a plant that grows on dry land that is usually hard to cultivate. Agave requires very little water, its roots prevent the erosion of soils and it absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces. As for wood, when it is used in an ethical and responsible manner, it is one of the most ecological and sustainable materials. It is robust, timeless, develops patina with time and is transmitted from one generation to the next.

With these materials, we worked on simple, elegant and raw shapes, with light organic details in the curves that are reminiscent of a leaf. We leveraged these shapes to create a collection of four objects: a fruit bowl, a sundries tray, a table centerpiece and a vase. Sisal serves as a pedestal and brings a light touch to the objects. It is attached to the wood in the same manner as in a brush, using an ancient technique, for which some of the best craftsmen are in the south of Sweden.

These decorative and functional objects brings nature in its purest and most simple form back at the center of our homes.

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